Huntoon Farm

A  diversified 6 generation  family farm raising  beef, pork, chicken, & turkey with an on site commercial kitchen producing  bakery and prepared items.



One Family, One Farm, Celebrating

164 years in 2020!!

About Us

Donna and Phil  Sprague  together with their son Dustin and daughter Frances, are the present keepers of the family  farm. The Sprague family along with the help of  Donna's brother Alan and his family work the 5 generation family.   

Their goal is to preserve the family farm and protect it from development and subdivision.  They believe these rural treasures are fast disappearing.  Their wish is share a real farm with those that no longer have the generational  connections to farms.  It is important for all to know where your food comes from and be aware that open farm land and green forests are important in today's world.

Donna is the 4th generation of Huntoons to operate the family farm in Danbury NH.  Perched on a hillside, just  mile away from downtown Danbury, the family  raises  beef, pork, chicken (for meat and eggs) and turkey.  Bakery items and prepared foods are produced from the commercial kitchen, formerly the farm's wood shed.  

Join us on September of each year for our annual  Farm to Fork Fodder.  Have  Sunday dinner of farm products, on the farm, with the farm family.  the price $20.25 (in 2020) includes  the— 9% room and meals tax.  Appetizers available at 2pm; dinner served at 3pm.  Reservations required.