Huntoon Farm

A  diversified family farm raising  beef, pork, chicken, & turkey.  An on site commercial kitchen produces bakery and prepared items.



One Family, One Farm, Celebrating

161 years in 2017 !!

and the arrival of our 2nd member of  the 6th generation!

The Old Barn on the Hill-- bought by Harvey  and added to the main farm.  Today the barn is gone--lost to the lack of funds for repairs.    All that remains are boards, old wagon parts and memories.

Farm Keepers- the main farm was bought by Harvey Huntoon (left)

in December of 1856.  William, Harvey's son (right) ran the from Harvey's death in 

1903 until his death in 1949.






















 Donna becomes the farm keeper in 1988 at the death of her dad. 

 Not knowing how she would save the farm at 27 years old, the farm

 was her was her turn to farm the land, farmed by her father,

 and his father and his father before that. 

Willard E Huntoon ran the farm from William's death in 1939 until 1988.  Willard was barely 15 years old when his dad died.  He quit school and came home to work the farm.  In  the 80's he turned down  a lot of money offered to him to sell the farm  for housing /condo developments.  Farming was all that he knew and the family heritage of working the land worked by his grandfather meant the world to him.

Willard and his wife marjorie had two children Alan and Donna.   


















Generation 6 - Harvey's Great great great granddaughter was born July 2016!