Huntoon Farm

A  diversified six generation  family farm raising  beef, pork, chickens for meat and eggs, holiday turkeys and an  on site commercial kitchen creating from scratch bakery items and prepared foods.



One Family, One Farm, Celebrating

167 years in 2023!!

Biddy Bulletin:  Recently  one of us came home in time to scare a coyote out of one of the layer yards.  Since then, we have confined  our hens to only being outside in our covered pens when not at home and letting them out in their ranging yards when someone is home.    The girls much prefer being outside all the time as do we.    

Meats:  We raise beef, pork, chicken and turkeys  in addition to our  flock of laying hens.  The hens(below)  provide the eggs for all of our baked goods with leftover supply available to customers. 

It is possible to buy items at the farm as you need them or  you may order  meats by the whole, halves and quarters depending on the meat type

Our turkeys are free range once their feathers are able to shed water.  We plan to sell most of them frozen for Thanksgiving  for pickup at your convenience.  Our prices  for frozen turkeys remain the same as last year with a special price of $5/lb if you pickup by the end of October.  Frozen turkeys available are 19-22 lbs.  To obtain a small turkey  (under 10 lbs), the option is to buy a half turkey. A fresh turkey might be number saved-- anticipated price is $6.25.  Might be cheaper if we do not have wildlife losses.  If we need to , we will begin putting turkeys into the freezer at first wildlife attack. We will let our fresh turkey customers know right away so that they may opt for frozen or look elsewhere.  

Call now to reserve your preference  at 603-768-5579 or email

We will also be taking baking orders for thanksgiving week pickup.  

We also use our turkeys in pulled turkey smothered in our maple bbq sauce  and as frozen  turkey entrees complete with stuffing and gravy. 

our Idaho pasture pigs are the cutest most docile addition to the farm. Bred   to graze rather than to root, they also get day old treats from our commercial kitchen and grain supplement, but most of their diet is our pasture.  We have crossbred our Idahos with a commercial hog to get a faster growing yet tasty mix.  We have pigs of all sizes including piglets which will be ready soon.  We also have a large assortment of pork available  and will have half pigs available in early 2024. 

Our USDA processed pork is used in our kitchen to make pulled pork, pork pie turnovers and pies and assorted meals.  . 

Our grass fed  angus hereford cross beef are rotationally grazed during the pasturing season.  During the winter, they have access to our previous dairy stanchion barn for shelter and have small fenced in area where they are fed and   are able to roam about free.   Processed at a USDA plant, our grassfinished beef is availalble in mixed quarters and eighths. Cuts are available at the farm stand and farmers market.